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Ever wonder why we sing and lift our hands before service?

The standard answer to the above question is: it's worship! (And yes, this was an answer that I got when I asked it.) But... why?

Are you looking to learn more about worship? A Worshipper's Devotional aims to guide all those seeking knowledge into a deeper connection with the Lord. We need to know God to be able to worship Him.

I accepted Jesus as a young adult and had so many questions. But I didn't feel comfortable asking because most of the people I was around had learned the well-known Bible stories as children. So for a while, I got by without really pursuing a deeper understanding of God.

Ready to worship God?

I kept reading the Bible and gradually realized I wanted a stronger, deeper relationship with Christ. I wanted to stop treating Him as a fictional character in a book. To do that, I had to start asking questions. And I discovered that it's okay to ask questions and seek wisdom! With truth and knowledge, we can move closer to God.

After I began asking my questions, God opened my eyes to even more questions! Remember, He does say, "Seek and you will find," in Matthew 7:7. The more I sought, the closer to God I wanted to be. That's when the real question finally came out: What is worship?

Are you wondering if you're the only one seeking a deeper explanation to the acts of worship done at church? You aren't alone! Worship is so much more than singing a few songs. The goal of A Worshipper's Devotional is to help you go deeper into your relationship with God than you thought imaginable–through worship.

We need to know God to worship Him.

Worship was never meant to be a lonely or ritualistic event. Let's invite Jesus back in and worship together. While we're at it, we will thank and praise Him for coming in.

How Do I Start?

Adore God by Connecting with Him

Praise God by Uniting with Others

Hi, there!

I'm Veronica and I really love Jesus, my husband, and my kitty-cat. I wasn't raised in church and actually tried my best to run from church when I started going as a teenager/young adult.

However, I remember being challenged to listen to Christian music for a week by a pastor. He said, "If nothing changes in your life, then I'll admit that I was wrong." I was stubbornly prepared to prove to Him (originally the capital "H" was a typo, but I really was trying to prove it to Jesus, lol) that nothing would change if I gave my life to Jesus and took the challenge.

Guess what?

I was never able to say that trusting Jesus wouldn't change my heart because Jesus met me there while I was listening to this new-to-me music and changed my whole world.

I learned quickly that worshipping Jesus was where my heart belonged.

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